Mike Dowsett - Wildlife Photographer

Mike Dowsett is a photographer living in Oxfordshire, England, just a short distance from the beautiful River Thames.  
He grew up in the South East of England, racing motorcycles, playing football, cricket and fishing.
In addition to exploring British and European locations, Mike also travels frequently to the United States with his American wife and enjoys
the variety and differences in wildlife, weather, and scenery that he has experienced during his visits to that vast country.
Mike’s main interests are Kingfishers, Owls and "Birds of Prey in flight" along with other birds and most animals.  "It is all about the challenge".  
Mike has also photographed sporting events (motorsports and football/soccer), and is an experienced portrait photographer
Mike is well versed in both film and digital formats, and post production editing in Photoshop. 
Mike exclusively uses Canon Professional camera bodies and lenses.

Mike is continually inspired by his family.  His mother is an award winning painter, his father and brother are both gifted in carpentry. 
Mike’s children are all dedicated wildlife preservationists, accomplished photography assistants, and all four have learned the importance
of light from a very young age.  Mike’s biggest critic and most avid supporter is his wife, who has a high appreciation for beauty
and understands and admires his passion and dedication to “capture the moment.”