Cumberland River, TN

The Cumberland River is a circa 700 mile long waterway that skirts Nashville, Tennessee, US and is a wildlife haven. A first place to visit for this photographer, each winter.
This year the weather is so mild (+74oF) that the wildlife activity was different from previous years and the hunt for food was nowhere near as frenzied as usual (for late December).
A focus on the Great Gray Heron, but always with a watchful eye to the sky, for a pair of Bald Eagles that have their nest close-by.
The Heron Rookery had around eight birds and the warm weather made this look like Natures Airport with birds flying in and out constantly.

Great Gray Heron in flight

The Bald Eagles were seen twice this morning, but both times at long distance and the images were poor quality and not worthy of a place on this wildlife gallery website.  The Cumberland River Heron rarely disappoint the travelling photographer and although less active than they are in freezing conditions, a few keepers were possible on this trip.

Great Gray Heron