Kingfishers and Raptors

I'm not sure if Kingfishers will always be my favourite topic to photograph, but these stunningly colourful birds have been right up there in my top three for the last few years (along with a couple of raptors: Osprey and Bald Eagles).
My most recent Kingfisher shoot, was rather disappointing.  I only saw the juvenile male Kingfisher twice in six hours and it only had one dive.  It was successful in catching a small fish, but it flew off up-river to swallow the fish, rather than sitting exposed and vulnerable.
It did sit on its perch for a while enabling a few nice portraits, but I quickly realised what the problem was.

Overhead there were two rather vocal predators that preoccupied the young male. Instead of looking down for a fish meal, the Kingfisher was looking skyward as a Peregrine Falcon and then a large Common Buzzard took turns in frightening this beautiful Orange and Blue fisher (see image below of the Juvenile Male Kingfisher looking up - not down).

Undeterred, I will return to the river again soon, hoping to get that 'amazing moment' captured on digital media - forever.

A juvenile male Kingfisher looking skyward at the predators instead of hunting for its fish meal.